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Whether you are scrambling over glaciers or skipping through salt flats, hiking is perhaps the best way to see Chile’s dozens of different landscapes. No matter where you’re headed you’re likely to find well established hiking trails, although there are some stand out destinations.

Pack a paddle

Vincente Perez Rosales National Park in the southern Lake District offers outdoor adventurers both taxing and leisurely trails through ancient forests, around shimmering lakes and – most impressively of all – along the slopes of the Osorno volcano. You can weave through the regions lakes by leg power alone or with a paddle, and kayak trips are a great way to find yourself in complete and utter isolation.

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Find flamingoes, pumas and more local wildlife

Wildlife Spotting

Exploring Chile’s national parks on foot is also the best way to spot the native wildlife. Patagonia’s Torres del Paine is home to a thriving population of ñandú (or rhea, a flightless bird) and guanaco (wild relatives of the llama) and it’s possible you might spy armadillo, falcons or even the elusive puma with the right guide at your side.

A Full Moon

Ahlarkapin also leads atmospheric two-hour hikes into the desert when there’s a full moon. But the best thing about the Atacama is that you don’t need fancy equipment to enjoy the skies.

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