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When you’re in the hot, dry Atacama Desert it’s hard to fathom that elsewhere in the country people are plummeting down snowy slopes. But this land of towering peaks has some of the world’s most stunning ski runs.

The après ski

Just south of Santiago on a high ridge in the Andes, Valle Nevado is popular with winter sports enthusiasts for its steep runs and excellent snow in the ski season (June to October). The well-equipped resort is also linked to the resorts of La Parva and El Colorado, offering a satisfying trail of runs. A couple of hours drive north east of Santiago is the lofty resort of Portillo, Chile’s oldest and best known resort. This is first choice if you’re interest is as much in the après as the ski.

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Fire and ice

Further south there is excellent skiing and equally amazing views at Termas de Chillán. In the Lake District’s Puyehue National Park you can even ski over the slopes of volcanoes – the small resort on Osorno volcano has a ski school and offers guided snowshoeing tours to the crater.

Ski a Volcano

While nearby Antillanca ski centre, nestled at the base of the Casablanca volcano, has several tracks suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers with its magnificent off-piste runs.

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