Land of lakes

Cobalt waters, verdant valleys and awe-inspiring snow-topped volcanoes, Chile’s Lake District inspires superlatives. Stretching from Temuco in the north to Puerto Montt in the south, it’s a region that has just about every landscape you could imagine; from snow-capped volcanoes and hot springs to idyllic cow meadows and its iconic lakes. At around 860-square kilometres, Llanquihue is the country’s second largest lake after General Carrera in Patagonia. Loomed over by the Osorno volcano and edged by numerous picturesque resorts (Puerto Varas on its southernmost shore is probably the pick) and sandy beaches, this immense lake has much to recommend it. Pick up a kayak or hop on a lake cruise to appreciate the scale of this inland sea.

Water world

The slightly more compact but no less gorgeous All Saints Lake, or Todos Los Santos, sits within the Vincente Perez Rosales National Park and is a tranquil spot for hiking or fishing. Fringed by mountains, its glimmering waters have an arresting silvery green hue, hence it’s local name Emerald Lake. Walk a short distance downstream and the calm tranquillity is disturbed by the crashing white water at the Petrohue waterfalls.

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Explore marble caverns around a glacial lake

Marble cathedral

Intrepid explorers shouldn’t miss the intricate network of marble caverns, tunnels and columns that can be found in the immense, glacial lake General Carrera.

One of southern Patagonia’s most arresting sights, visitors must cross the icy blue waters by boat to explore these bizarre white caves known as the Marble Cathedral.

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