Saddle up in
the wild south

Shimmering lakes, icy blue glaciers, craggy granite spires and flower-filled meadows, Chile’s dramatic south was made for exploring by horseback. Riding horses has long been a way of life in Patagonia and it’s easy to see why as you navigate the remote terrain. The best way to immerse yourself in the region’s wilderness is by joining a guided horse ride around the Torres del Paine National Park. You can follow in the hoof-prints of the baqueanos (cowboys) around rocky terrain and across plains, stopping for a picnic before returning to rest saddle-sore limbs at a luxury estancia (ranch).

Mustangs on the moon

Up north, Chile’s high-altitude Atacama Desert provides yet more dramatic scenes for equine adventures, with deep-blue desert skies, fiery-hued rocks, vast sand dunes, and prickly patches of cactus and salt lakes. A ride through the aptly named Moon Valley is a soul stirring experience, particularly at sun set. Let your horse take you off the well trodden path to contemplate the harsh beauty of this astonishing valley before heading back to San Pedro for a refreshing Pisco sour.

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Saddle up and ride for wine country

A vine old time

For a more sedate trek, saddle up in the Central Valley to explore its lush pastures, mountain paths and pretty wineries. After a trot around the vine-clad rolling hills, there’s nothing better than a wine tasting session and delicious lunch.

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Also to the north is the Parinacota volcano, another grand beauty which hulks broodingly on the Bolivian border.

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