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Regions to visit

Ancient Land

A vast region with an almost uncountable number of awe-inspiring natural wonders.

Northern Star

Barren and beautiful Atacama Desert in Chile’s far north may be remote but it’s full of possibilities.

Wild South

Vast and unwieldy with an end-of-the-earth feel thanks to its elemental scenery and temperamental weather.

Far Flung and Famous

Mysterious and culturally rich, it has captivated visitors ever since it first came to international attention.

Capital Pleasures

This vibrant city is well worth lingering in for its leafy parks, appealing neighbourhoods, and wonderful food.

Sweet Valley High

For wine tastings and luxurious lunches with stunning scenery, head to one of Chile’s many wine growing regions.

Meet the experts

All of our travel specialists are frequent fliers to Chile. Their detailed first-hand knowledge of the country and local relationships let us craft a holiday that matches your interests and passion.

Sat in the shadow of the Andes with a glass of cabernet sauvignon from the local vineyards is John’s ideal way to enjoy a trip to Chile. He’s also got soft spot for Santiago because of the fantastic seafood.

With nearly ten years spent designing Latin American trips, there isn’t much Amanda doesn’t know about the region. She’s a committed Chileophile, with the salt flats and geysers in the Atacama desert her favourite spot.

Not satisfied with hiking, sailing and kayaking his way through Latin America, Scott also spent a year here polishing up his Spanish. His Chile pick is Patagonia and its stunning snow topped mountains and glaciers.